The Doniphan County Sheriff’s Dept. along with Elwood, Wathena, Troy, and Highland Police departments will be hosting Alcohol awareness Program at the Doniphan County area high schools. The program will introduce the students to the dangers associated with alcohol, this will be a coordinated effort with all of the area Law Enforcement to raise awareness to the dangers of alcohol and the associated impairment that accompanies with the use of alcohol. The program will use impairment simulation goggles and we will have some of the students attempt to fulfill small task to show them how alcohol affects not only coordination but all other senses, we encourage any persons who would like to attend the program to do so. The program at Troy High School will be April 6th at 2:45pm, Riverside High School will be April 17th at 1:30pm Doniphan West will be posted when a date is available.


If you have any questions or concerns about the program contact Deputy Keller with the Doniphan County Sheriff’s Dept.


P: 785-985-3711

Phone: 785-985-3711