CRT Team


In August of 2015 the Doniphan County Sheriff’s Department started a Critical Response Team (CRT) consisting of Deputy Raymond Hall, Deputy Neal Hontz, Deputy Scott Hirtler, and Deputy Nathan Keller.  This was done because of the rising trend of high risk incidents that Officers as well as citizens have been finding themselves in.  Including but not limited to a higher level of violence in our work places, schools as well as in households. 

This team of deputies was formed by four members who were willing to sacrifice the time and effort it takes for the additional training needed to handle situations the normal patrol officer cannot. Although we hope and pray that the rising trend in violence does not hit anywhere near our community or loved ones, we would like to have the foresight and preparation to be able to respond and deal with it if it would regrettably happen.

These four Deputies have put in over 100 hours of specialized training in the use of weapons and tactics as well as negotiations.  They meet and train at least once a month as well as become familiar with our larger businesses and schools.  They have attended a Kansas City Regional Tactical School and have become certified as Tactical Officers. They have also attended multiple other specialized trainings to enhance their abilities to recognize and respond to situations.

We again hope and pray that the extra effort and training that these Deputies have went through is something that is never needed, but want to do all that we can to prepare our department to be capable to serve and protect our community against anything that may occur to the best of our ability.

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